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“I live with my husband who earns Rs.5000 a month as a painter. I am a diabetic and the money my husband earns does not suffice for taking care of our daily needs and our monthly medication. I tried to get some help from NGOs working for vulnerable groups but that stopped a couple of years ago.

“I want to avail of government schemes but I am not able to do so because I don’t have permanent ID proof. Moreover, since I am 53 years old I cannot apply for Old Age Pension. So my husband who is in his 60s continues to working so that we can survive. Our children, who are both married, would like to support us financially but they are unable to do so because they have families to take care of.

“The government should consider the plight of people like us and support us at least in our old age. We are not asking for any big amount as pension. Just Rs.2000 – 3000 so that we can live with dignity. The government should also take into account the drawbacks that stop people like us from accessing the schemes and review the various documents that are required before rolling out any schemes. Presently we have to provide numerous documents which we are unable to do because we are living in slum and we don’t have proof like EB bill or rental agreement etc”.


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