Surender Mohan Gautam

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Surendra MohanSurender Mohan Gautam, 65, from Delhi, is an ex-Army man who is living in Ashray Adhikar, a centre for the homeless. He has four sons, all of whom are government employees and one daughter. All of them are married and living with their families.

For the last 23 years Surender has been getting a pension and security from the Army but now he wants to live independently. So six months ago he applied to the Delhi Government for a pension but is yet to receive it. From his point of view the minimum pension should be no less than Rs.2000 a month and it should be given directly through a bank or pension office so that people don’t have to run around every month. Surender also wants a Voter ID card and feels that the government should put in place a system that will ensure that everyone gets a Voter ID Card.

Surendra is attending the Pension Parishad dharna because he feels that by sitting with his group he is, “Fighting for the rights of each and every pensioner. And also to ensure that the next generation, 20 years from now, will get a pension”.

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