Shyam Sundar Agarwal

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Shyam Sunder AggarwalShyam Sundar Agarwal, 64 from Delhi has been living in Ashray Adhikar, a centre for the homeless since 2004 while his family lives in their village in Kota, Rajasthan.  He has two sons and three daughters, all of whom are married.

Shyam Sunder works in a canteen and earns Rs.2000/ per month. He gets food from the canteen and his medical needs and health checkups are done by Ashray Adhikar.

Shyam Sunder is not able to get a pension because he does not have the necessary ID proof. This is a source of worry to him because as he states, “At this time I am able to work but when I am unable to do so the pension amount will be a source of support and security”.

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