Sawai Singh

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Rajsamand district, Rajasthan 

Sawai Singh from Kahri village in Rajsamand district has become part of the old age pension scheme four months back. Singh, who is 65 year old, and his wife are now getting Rs 500 each as social assistance from the government.

Singh had applied for pension earlier as well but authorities considered him from above the poverty line and thus did not clear his form. He has one son and five daughters. The family has two bighas of land which is tilled by Singh and his son. They also have five goats.

Singh’s wife cannot work since she is short of vision. He has already spent Rs 60,000 in his wife’s treatment both in government and private sector hospitals.

Their land does not produce much since the area is always short of rain. Thus, both Singh and his son work under rural employment guarantee program. They earn Rs 100 each in a day when they manage to get employment. As Singh has a ration card, he gets ten kilograms of wheat at Rs two per kilo. However, he ends up borrowing since the resources he has are not sufficient to meet his requirements.

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