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Ram Lali_UPVillage Rampur, District Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

Ramlali , who was widowed three years ago lives with her son’s family. She is in her mid 60s and has neither a pension nor a ration card. Whenever she approaches the Pradhan for a ration card she is told to go somewhere else to get it made. She says the Pradhan does nothing for her family because of an ongoing dispute between them.

Ramlali says that when her husband was alive they were getting ration but the Pradhan stopped this after he died. Her son who works in Lucknow sends money to her daughter in law to meet household expenses but the amount is not enough. She and her daughter in law also have constant quarrels because she depends on her for money. “If I got a pension of Rs. 200 it would help to meet the expenses of the household and put an end to the quarrels between us. My daughter in law would also take care of me.”

Ramlali has come to the Pension Parishad rally with the hope of getting  a pension.


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