Ram Ratan

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Baran district, Rajasthan 

Ram Ratan, 65, is from Vilasgarh village in Baran district. He is in Delhi to be part of pension parishad since he has not been included in the social assistance program so far. He has filled in the form for pension three times. His wife is also not getting old-age pension.

“Every time I inquire from sarpanch, he tells me order for your pension has not come. I had to pay Rs 30 to get the form last time,” he says.

Ratan has three bighas of land which is tilled by his three sons. He cannot work much since he is aging and feels weak. When he was young, he used to do hard labour like constructing roads and dams. It has been for the past six years that his physical fitness has gone down. Besides tilling their land, his sons also work as agricultural labourers.

He has a ration card which qualifies him as very poor. Thus, he gets 35 kilogram of foodgrain and two kilo of dal free. Often he ends up borrowing from shopkeepers since most of the times he has no money to buy. His sons give him money only sometimes since they have their own families to look after.

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