Rajendra Shah

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Village Mahanthmaniyari, District Muzzafarpur, Bihar


Rajendra Shah_Bihar

Rajender Shah, mid-60s, lives in Mahanthmaniyari village in Muzzafarpur district, Bihar with his wife, two sons and their families. He and his younger son run a biscuit shop, which brings in an income of Rs.150 and his wife makes some money selling custard in the village.

Rajender has been receiving a pension of Rs.600 once in three months for the last one year and though they have approached the authorities a number of times for a pension for his wife they have not received it because they are not able to pay the bribe the officials are demanding. The other problem Rajender and his wife face is that they have an APL ration card on which they only get kerosene oil.

Rajender has also approached the authorities for inclusion in the Indira Awaaz Yojna housing scheme but they are demanding a bribe of Rs.10, 000 which he cannot afford.  “If I pay a bribe of Rs.10, 000 there will be no money to build the house” he says while adding that he does not have money even to feed his family. “My elder son is also not taking care of us. If I have a sufficient amount of pension my future will be secure and I will be able to live with dignity.”

Rajender has come to the Pension Parishad rally with the hope of getting a secure pension for his household.

Rajendra Shah_Bihar

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