Press Release: 8th December

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Press Release

New Delhi, 8 December13: Violence against women, is rooted in gender discrimination and inequality stated Geetha Nambisan, Co-Director, Jagori.  Taking this forward she stated that men and women who have not had opportunities to question gender roles, attitudes and beliefs, cannot change them and women who are unaware of their rights cannot claim it.

Under the umbrella of Pension Parish, Jagori, National Federation for Indian Women (NFIW) and Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) focused on the issue of rising violence against women.

Speaking about women’s rights Ms. Gargi, NFIW said, “Violence against women is one of the biggest issues prevailing in India and this includes feminization of poverty.” She went on to emphasize that women faced multiple forms of violence from child marriage, sex determination, dowry harassment, denial of food, education and work.” Elaborating on this, Ms. Annie Raja, General Secretary, NFIW stated that to eliminate violence, women from Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan have come to the capital to demand the immediate passage of the 33% reservation bill in Parliament.

Subhash Gatade, an eminent journalist spoke about how communal violence has impacted the marginalized and especially women and affected their right to a life of dignity.

Sonal Sharma who has worked with domestic workers stressed that till today large sections of domestic workers, face infringement and violence as they are unable to realize their right to decent living and working conditions.

Sejal Dand, a human rights activist and actively associated with the right to food campaign, shared how elderly women become vulnerable and are subjected to tremendous amount of violence by their family members as well as by the state. “Violence against women is not only a women’s issue, but a responsibility that must be recognized by all stakeholders in particular the government and police.”

Ms. Kiran, CFAR in South West Delhi shared that being coerced to do sex determination tests, was another form of violence against women. She recounted how three women who were forced to commit suicide cases by throwing themselves on the railway track were rescued by the women’s forum.

Women from South Delhi, South West Delhi and Bawana participated in the programme dancing, singing songs and raising slogans to stop violence against women.

The Pension Parishad a coalition of nearly 150 civil society organization, who have been sitting in dhrna at Jantar Mantar since 27 November are demanding Universal and Non Contributory Old Age Pension System to be immediately established by the government with a minimum, dignified monthly pension of not less than 50% of the minimum wage or Rs 2000/- per month, whichever is higher.


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