Panna Singh

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Rajsamand district, Rajasthan

Panna Singh from Kahari village in Rajsamand district is in Delhi to rally for enhancement in pension money. He is 65 years of age and has received Rs 500 as pension only once. His wife has also become part of the pension scheme and has received pension twice. Though he has succeeded in becoming part of the  pension scheme only recently, he had tried earlier also. He could get through only when he applied for pension in a camp about five months back.

Singh has three sons and four bighas of land. He has divided the land among his sons. The sons live separately. Besides tilling the land, they also work as labourers. Singh says it is difficult to get any produce from the land since neelgais destroy the fields.

“I have to buy several things. Besides, land does not produce much. It will help if they increase the pension,” Singh says.

It is difficult for Singh to get employed in hard labourous work since his body aches and does not allow him hard work. Singh’s wife also cannot work much since she was injured in a fall sometime back. Earlier, both used to work hard and earn better.

Under such circumstances, only option left for them is to borrow money. Singh has to return loan of Rs one lakh. He has a ration card which gives him access to 25 kilograms of wheat at Re one per kilograms.

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