Lalpari Devi

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Lalpari Devi

Lalpari Devi, 65, Khurana Village, District, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, lives with her husband, her son and his family. Both her husband and son earn a living doing occasional work in other people’s fields.

Lalpari says that she has applied several times for a ration card but the Mukhiya keeps sending her to the gram sevak, who says that she cannot avail of either a ration card or pension because the age mentioned in her identity card is lower than her actual age.

Lalpari says that she feels more hopeful of getting a pension after attending the Pension Parishad rally. But she adds that the pension amount should be a maximum of Rs. 2000. This would enable her to get proper food and good medical care in case of illness. “Now I’m able to work but as I grow older I will need a pension to take care of pension of myself”.

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