Kunkun Mondal

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Kunkun Mondal

Age: 68
Present Occupation: Temporary field worker

I am living in Katihar district of Bihar and staying with 4 daughters.  At present I do not have  BPL and Pension card. My 3 daughters are married and they do not support me at all. The youngest daughter is terminally ill. She is mentally challenged and remains at home all the time. I have asked Mukhiya, VDO to enrol me on the Pension scheme or to provide me my BPL card. I have even completed the form and submitted it to Mukhiya. But I am still waiting for BPL card and for the Pension to get started.  I live in absolute penury and each day is a battle for survival, a struggle to keep me alive.

I request the Govt to grant me pension of Rs 2000 and the flow of funds should be secured and stable.We do not any service which the Govt promised us. I need pension to breathe, to survive.


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