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Udaipur district, Rajasthan

Keshao from village Devala in Udaipur has received his old-age pension only twice in the past four months.  He is 60 years old and is in Delhi to assert about his right for social assistance.

Strangely, the pension he gets is only Rs 100 in a month against the allocated Rs 500. He says all beneficiaries of the old-age pension scheme in the village get only Rs 100 per month.

Keshao lives with his wife and son. He cannot work much since he cannot see properly. His wife also does not work much because of health problems. Earlier, both husband and wife used to work as agricultural labourers. Keshao has three bighas of land, which is tilled by his son. The land gives produce only one season in a year since the area does not have much water to depend upon.

The family gets 25 kilogram of wheat at Re one per kilo and sugar. “Most of the times there is no sabzi, dal… only red chillis to eat,” he says. It was a school teacher who informed Keshao about the pension scheme. Keshao himself is illiterate and does not know much about the government programs.

Though, there are almost no earnings, Keshao is required to shell out money when he or his wife falls sick.

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