Kallu Chaudhry

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Katihar district, Bihar

From a village by the name of Bari Bathna from Katihar district in Bihar, Kallu Chaudhry looks visibly sick. He is over 60 years and is here in the hope of getting old age pension.

Chaudhry is quite incapable of any hard work due to his falling health. He has this persistent pain in legs and has impaired hearing. Though no diagnosis has been done of her physical condition due to pathetic state of health facilities in villages, he is under debt of Rs 400 which he borrowed for treatment last year.

When he was young and healthy, Chaudhry had a cart (thela) on which he used to transport luggage. However, now he can not do this kind of work and has sold off his thela. He has worked under the rural employment guarantee scheme as well but that also does not bring enough money. In addition, for over a year, there has not been any employment opportunity under the scheme.

Now, he works as farm labourer. Chaudhry is living alone as his wife died around 20 years back. His daughters are married. Though he has submitted the form for old age pension a year back, it has not yet been given a go ahead by authorities.

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