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65 years, Tenny village, District Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh


Kalavati was widowed ten years ago. Her family consists of  two sons and a daughter-in-law. She has tried to apply for widow pension but the Pradhan told her he does not have the authority to give it to her. Kalavati is yet to approach the block office in this regard.

Kalavati lives alone because her children are barely able to meet their own expenses. She works off and on under the NREGA scheme but is yet to get paid.  Kalavati adds that there is no other work in the village except under NREGA. Kalavathi doesn’t have a ration card and survives on what she gets from the five to ten hectares of agricultural land near her house.

Kalavati has come to the Pension Parishad rally, at Jantar Mantar, in the hope of getting a maximum of at least Rs. 2000 as pension in order to feed herself and live comfortably.

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