Idrisha Khatun

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Idrisha has been living with her son since 2009 after the death of her husband. Her son is working as a daily wage labourer in a shoe factory and earns Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500 a month. Whatever he earns is not sufficient for him to manage his family of eight members. Today, whatever Idrisha is getting as old age pension is not sufficient for her to survive. She feels that Rs. 1000 is not sufficient for her to survive in a place like Delhi. “In today’s condition, if I feel sick I neglect myself because I do not have anything nutritious to eat along with the medicines. Even 50 per cent of my total pension is spent on medicines. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to manage with Rs. 1,000 at this age,” says Idrisha.

Idrisha’s daughter said that her mother has to manage her medicine according to her pocket. Most of the time she skips medicine irrespective of being sick. If the doctor prescribes her to take the medicine regularly, she takes it on alternative days because she cannot afford to take it regularly.

In 2009, she had applied for old age pension with the help of her daughter who approached GRC to get the old age pension. In GRC, the process is simple and people listen to us, but even through GRC it took more than 18 months to avail the old age pension. Since 2011, she is availing Rs 3,000 every three months as pension amount which is not sufficient for her to look after herself and thinks that addition of Rs. 1000 to the current amount will help her a lot to manage her expenditure.

For the first time, Idrisha has come to Jantar Mantar with her daughter to participate in the rally with the hope that she will listen to others and demand the government for increase in pension amount. 

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