Gound Singh

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Rajsamand district, Rajasthan

Gound Singh is 69 years old and has started getting pension since past eight months. He is from village Khuraj in Rajsamand district. His wife is also getting pension. However, Rs 500 is not enough for Singh to meet his requirements. He has come to Delhi to participate in the demonstration for enhancement in pension.

Singh has two bighas of land which is tilled by his four sons. He cannot work in fields since he feels weak all the time. “I never get enough to eat. So I am becoming weaker by the day,” Singh says. His wife is also not able to work in fields.

Life was better for Singh and his wife when they were young and used to work as labourers. He was able to earn Rs 60 in a day then. These days, at the most he gets employed as watchman in fields which does not bring him much money. “I do not have money to buy clothes. There are no warm clothes for the winter,” he says.

Though there is not enough money, Singh is required to purchase several things from the market. It becomes all the more difficult when he or his wife falls sick. They then travel 15 kilometers to get medicines, a further drain on their non-existent financial resources. Singh gets 35 kilograms of wheat at Re one per kilo through his ration card. However, the supply does not last much for the family.

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