Geeta Devi

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Geeta Devi_Bihar

Geeta Devi, Vidyadhan Panchayat block, District Muzaffarpur, Bihar, lives with her husband. They both do agricultural work for which they get Rs. 80 per day. Geeta said that she and her husband want to work in a NREGA scheme but every time they visit the block to fill the required form they are told that no work is available.

Geeta and her husband have been receiving a pension of Rs.200 per month for the last five to six years which comes to them every six months. She says she paid a bribe of Rs.150 to get their pension cleared. Geeta is yet to get a proper house under the Indira Awaz Yojna Scheme and since she does not have a “proper ration card” she gets rations only on alternative months.

Geeta Devi says she is uncertain of their future but is hopeful of getting a secure pension for herself and her husband after coming to the Pension Parishad rally. 

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