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Sitapur district, UP

There is enormous evidence of money being extracted from poor people in the name of inclusion in the monthly pension scheme. Doobar from Alipur village in Sitapur is no exception. At 65 years, he is not getting any government support.

Doobar has filled in the form for pension thrice and each time he paid Rs 500 to pradhan. But when he inquires from village pradhan, he says he does not know where his form is. He has two sons and one daughter. His wife died long time back.

With falling health, Doobar cannot work much. He only earns Rs 20-25 in   day.  Earlier, he used to put in hard work to earn living but now he is getting weaker by the day. He has seven bigas of land, of which he has given three bigas each to his sons.

“I manage to survive on clothes donated by others. I need pension to survive, purchase food,” he says.

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