Devlal Singh

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Devlal Singh_Bihar

Devlal Singh, 80, Badibatna village, District Katihar, Bihar has three sons. He and his wife live with their eldest son. Devlal has 10 ekatha of farming land but the grains he gets from his land only suffice for three months. So he and his family don’t have an income.

Both Devlal and his wife get a pension of Rs 200 per month which comes every six months. He says he paid a bribe of Rs.600 just to apply for the pension. Devlal has his own house and his sons help out with money but when he falls ill he has to borrow from the dalal.

Devlal Singh says that after coming to the rally he is hopeful of getting a pension of Rs 2000 which would make him and his family feel more secure. 

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