Darograha Sahni

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Darogaha Sahni_Bihar

Darograha Sahni, 65, had two sons, both of whom are now deceased. He lives with his wife and daughter-in-laws who are working in a NREGA scheme but he adds that they only get five days of work at a time under NREGA. After that they work for other households and earn Rs 100 per day.

For the last five to six years Darograha and his wife have been getting a pension of Rs. 200 each and now both the daughter-in-laws are receiving Widow Pension but they had to pay bribes to the Mukhiya for it. Despite, the pensions Darograha says that he and his household are surviving with great difficulty. They don’t have enough to eat and have to borrow from others, at 10% interest, in case of illness or other emergencies.

This is the second Pension Parishad rally that Darograha is attending and he is hoping that the pension amount will be increased to Rs.2000 per month to enable him and his family to live more comfortably and with dignity. He also wants a ration card and adequate ration because presently they get ration on alternate months. 

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