Contextualizing Pension Parishad Demands

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Interim Demands of the Pension Parishad

Recommendations of the Task Force[i] report on NSAP 2013

Current Status

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Amount Pension should be at least 50 per cent of the minimum wage or Rs.2000, whichever is higher. Increase in Central assistance from Rs.200 to Rs.300 per month. Only a mention of increasing the pension to Rs.1950, i.e. half of the minimum wage (Rs.130 per day), But no recommendations made. Central assistance of Rs.200 is being provided and states are advised to contribute at least the same amount.
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Age Pensions should be provided to all individuals who are 55 years and above Pensions for those between 60 and 79 yrs. Those above 80 will get Rs.500. Those above 60 years receive central assistance of Rs.200 and those above 80 receive Rs.500.
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Eligibility and Exclusion Immediate universal pension coverage of all households with appropriate exclusions, and not at the end of 12th plan. Pension coverage of all households eligible for benefits under National Food Security Act (NFSA) only at the end of 12th plan period (2016-2017) Only those persons who are Below Poverty Line are eligible for these pensions.
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BPL/APL Immediate removal of the BPL/APL criteria of exclusion from the pension scheme. Will extend pension coverage to all those eligible for NFSA benefits by the end of the 12th plan period. Until then BPL criteria will be used for eligibility. The dubious BPL is the exclusionary criteria currently in place for disbursing pensions.
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Indexation The monthly pension amount be revised every two or three years and changed every six month based on inflation – in the same manner as is done for salaries of government servants. Rate of assistance should be indexed to inflation annually using the criteria adopted for payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Govt. employees. Pension is currently not indexed and the amount has remained Rs.200 for many years.
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Single women Universalization: All single women (not just those in BPL) and all elderly women (not just those in BPL). Pension of Rs.300 may be extended to single, never married women, above 40 (Rs.500 for those above 80 years) and also divorced, abandoned separated women above 18 yrs under the Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme. The IGNWPS currently covers only widowed women. Single, divorced, abandoned and separated women are all excluded from the scheme.


[i]  Members of Task Force of the Ministry of Rural Development are: GAYATHRI KALIA, RENANA JHABVALA, K.P. KANNAN, VIJAYA SRIVASTAVA, S.M. VIJAYANAND and DR. MIHIR SHAH.

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