Jagan Shah

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Jagan Shah is 80 years old and has traveled from Muzzafarpur in Bihar. Jagan’s wife died many years ago and they have 5 children in all- three boys and two girls. In his youth Jagan was a daily wages laborer … Continued


‘My parents named me Dukhiya because they did not want me but a son’ ,says the 45 year old to me. The name encapsulates the sadness and dependency of the 45 year olds life. Dukhiya’s husband aged 50 is still … Continued


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Razia has made the journey from Bijapur in Karnataka to New Delhi in the hope of some support for her life. The 55 year old is a widow from 8 years- childless and alone she lives with her 2 sisters. … Continued

Mrs Santosh

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‘Just call me Mrs Santosh’ said the lady with prominent sindoor and a mangalsutra to my question. The 42 year old Mrs Santosh is a sex worker from Delhi who wants to hide this fact at any cost from people … Continued

Arvind Vadilal Patel

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‘I am all alone in the world’, Arvind Vadilal Patel told me. ‘My wife died in the Ahmedabad earthquake and my house was destroyed and I have no children– my life in Gujarat came to an end.’ The government gave … Continued


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Supiya was born during the partition of India and does not remember her age. She strains to hear my answers as her hearing has almost packed up. The old, brave face tells of a story of a life of huge … Continued

Angoori Devi

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This was technically my first encounter with a ‘Nayika’ a madame from GB Road. 62 years old Angoori Devi ‘s immediate family does not know that she used to be a sex worker and is now managing a team her … Continued

Rahima Bi

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  Rahima Bi ,65 years old works as a domestic household in Jalgaon. For her labors she gets the princely sum of Rs 800. With this she contributes to her daughter’s household where she and her husband live as they … Continued

Bismillah Bi

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Bismillah Bi traveled to Delhi alone leaving behind her 74 year old spouse in Jalgaon, a survivor of cancer. She has also chosen to forfeit her sweeping work in a school and dish washing at household for the time she … Continued

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