Bijuli Mohato

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Bijuli MohatoAge:70

Present Occupation: Homemaker

I am living in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar with my husband. I used to work as a temporary field worker but due to my age cannot work anymore.  I am a diabetic patient and I need medicines for treatment. The medicines are very expensive and are not always available at the Govt hospital. But buying it from private is out of question. My fragile health does not allow me to walk down 3 kms from my place to buy medicines from the Govt hospital.

I am currently on the old pension schemes. I have been getting a petty amount of Rs 200 for the last 1 year. But for the last 3 months it has stopped. It is very difficult for me to survive in this little money. I am unable to get food for me and my husband who does not get ant pension.  I spend money on buying medicines, thereby has to sleep with empty stomachs for many days. The pain of hunger is unbearable.

My demand is to grant my husband pension also.  The pension amount should be Rs 2000 and it should be available without any hassle. The postman should not harass us by demanding money from us. It is their duty to give us what we are entitled to get.

The financial security is what we need right now when we have few days left with us.


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