Beena Devi

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Beena Devi, 60, Khurana Village, District Muzaffarpur, Bihar, has four sons, three of whom are married. She lives with her unmarried son, who works on and off and earns Rs.50 per day and her 80 year old husband who is not keeping good health. Sometimes, Beena also does agricultural work and earns Rs. 50 per day. She has a red ration card against which she gets 10 kgs of wheat and 15 kgs of rice every alternative month.

According to Beena the village Mukhiya forbids the villagers from working under NREGA scheme on the grounds that it is not meant for those in BPL and APL categories.

For the last three years, Beena’s husband has been getting a pension of Rs 200 per month, which comes in every six months. Beena says that she has been repeatedly asking the Mukhiya to help her to get a pension but he is insisting on a bribe, which she is unable to pay.

Beena who is attending the Pension Parishad rally for the first time hopes that the pension amount will be increased and that she will also get a pension.

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