Badri Lal

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Baran district, Rajasthan 

Badri Lal is 55-year-old and knows that he cannot get old-age assistance unless he attains the age of 60. Yet he hopes to get pension. He is from village Vilasgarh in Baran district.

Lal has reasons to feel so. He has no land of his own and his three sons work as labourers. He takes up only light work like taking animals for grazing.  His wife also works, mostly under government employment guarantee program. However, she does not get her full wages. She gives her thumb expression to get the payment but does not know what amount is written there on the paper.

Besides, there is not enough work and payment is also not made on time.
Both Lal and his wife do not keep in good health. Thus, each day comes with a new challenge. Earlier, things were better since both were in good health and could work hard. Nowadays they have to borrow money to meet their needs. They get 35 kilogram of foodgrain free from the government under Antodaya scheme.

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